Science has proven that if we direct energies to a plant, the plant will respond in kind. In other words, if we send positive energies to the plant it will be affected and respond in a positive manner. If we send negative energies to the plant, it will respond in a negative manner. The plant has within itself the ability to receive and respond to outside stimuli. Plantlife will also respond to the subtle energies of thoughts and emotions.

People, as well as plants, will respond to the energies directed toward them. If we send positive thoughts and words to the people around us, the subtle energies will have a positive effect on them and their environment.  A happy thought promotes happiness, a confident thought promotes trust and a loving thought promotes love. Similarly, if plants, animals, and people can respond to subtle energies, it holds true our Mother Earth can also.


Recently, I heard something that I would like to share. If you look in the mirror and you are smiling with joy, you see a reflection of that joy. I look in the mirror and you are frowning, you will see a reflection of that unhappiness.  If you sow joy, you reap joy. So smile at the world around you and be a person who chooses to spread peace, love, and happiness on the planet.

We are all inter-connected and are affected by everything around us. If we would just be more aware of our own self, then maybe the planet would be a better place,

May the Earth be infused with thoughts of goodness, peace, love, and happiness, and may it begin with us.

Kenneth L. Williams DC ( Organizer for Planetary Peace Pensacola )

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