Is Our Planet a Being?

We believe that it is time for the vast majority of us to be aware of the effects of how subtle energies influence our lives.

How the invisible affects the visible, how thinking influences our actions and how our actions change the direction of the

Just because you do not see a thought doesn’t mean it has no effect. One cannot see the wind but notices how it moves the branches of the tree creates ripples on

the water and lets birds soar effortlessly.  It is so important to choose those thoughts which are beneficial. We can only choose wisely when we are aware of what we are thinking. We choose whether or not our thoughts are like sending flowers or candies to those around us or are if they are thoughts that fly like arrows and bullets aimed at those who oppose our issues.

It is up to us, all of us, to become aware of the subtleties of the energies around us. Only then can we choose our thoughts and the type of ripples we create.  When we all generate the same or similar thoughts on a global scale, it can become a mighty wind of change to help all of us elevate into a new level of consciousness and awareness.


Most of us can remember or at least have had any experience with small children where they begin to identify themselves as an individual. At a certain age, if a

parent puts their child in front of a mirror and asks the question “Who is this?” 

The child would reply “That is Margeaux.” “Who is this?” The child would say  “That is Mommy”. However, in the short span of a year or even a few months, if we took this same child to the same mirror and asked her the exact same questions, we would get different answers. The child’s response would not be “That is Margeaux”.  Her new response would be “That is me “.    “Who is this?” 

“That is Mommy”. So now “Margeaux” and “me” are the same.  The child no longer looks at herself from the outside but now has evolved to the point where she is aware of the self on the inside. She is now becoming self-conscious and now the things of the outside world are “mine” and that’s “my toy” and that belongs to “me “. So, what has changed for Margeaux and why?  


Some theories suggest that the real consciousness of an individual is that of a 

spiritual being and that this consciousness or a part of this consciousness incarnates into physical form in order to have experienced.  At first, this consciousness is only aware of the sensory input of the body. Its whole world is formed by the senses. The five senses of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell takes in the environmental stimuli and the brain records the information.  As the brain develops, the consciousness within the body (the self) starts to become aware when the brain reaches a certain degree of advancement.  It is then that the light of self-consciousness begins and that” Margeaux” or the incarnated consciousness is made aware of itself.  

 As the body and consciousness evolve together, more complex behavioral patterns begin.  The self-conscious individual can think, feel and perform actions based on the environmental inputs and its own inner evaluation. Some of us respond with the same response of our upbringing, of our parents, or even the influences we get from the TV, internet, and our friends and associations that surround us. Others have a deeper inner reflection and seem to be able to break free from their surrounding influences and opinions. These individuals formulate their words, thoughts, and actions from a deeper well of existence.   It is as though they were born into their family and the place where they live but these do not mandate who they are or will become.  


 I have had so many people tell me that they don’t feel like they belong to their family. They think differently, behave differently, and have many opinions that differ from the rest of the people around them. They know they are the same flesh and blood in physical form but inwardly they have different mental,

emotional, and sometimes ethical outlooks.  Some say they are born through their parents, not to their parents. Maybe this is true. Maybe we select our parents prior to coming into a physical form so we can get the best body, brain, or environment that helps us to grow as a conscious being. Growth, not in mental stature or the development of a greater degree of emotional stability, but growth in the individuality of consciousness.

A consciousness that has a sense of a higher quality of existence and greater scope of being. One that is aware that their thoughts go out like the ripples in a pond and influence others on an ever so subtle level.  One who knows their actions are like the wind can be a current of unseen and unmet potential yet to be realized.  That purpose greater than one’s own individual longings can bring like-minded people together and make the ripples transform into waves of change.      

Maybe we are moving into a wave of change. A change that we can no longer ignore; that individual actions, thinking and the energies generated from the emotional field have enormous effects on our relationships, communities, states,

nations, and the planet on which we all live. Covid-19 showed us that one person can affect another person. That what happens in one part of the world can or will affect all of us on some level. That an unseen force as small as a virus can change our behaviors or think and how we view the world.

For the first time, many of us have been forced to change. Our environment has changed and that means we will have to change. We are a product of our environment but we still have the ability to act independently and change that environment.  Global over-consumption and climate change are a real thing.  Mass thinking and mass thought forms influence entire cultures and nations.

These are real influences. The question could be, are these products or good thoughts behind the thinking. Are we acting and thinking separately as a culture or is it time to have global thought-forms that bring us all together as humans? We need to realize and accept that our planet has issues that only the people of the planet can solve. Through unified individuality, unity can become a purpose and this united purpose becomes one.   

It is time for planetary consciousness to begin.  The evolution of self-consciousness to a higher level and a deeper appreciation of what consciousness can be or become. How unification can be a higher form of individuality.

How unification can be the greatest expression of individual and led to the most expansive good for all.   It is time for our world to evolve and for that shift to happen the individualized consciousness needs to make a shift. Shifting to a higher degree of responsibility and a greater awareness of what is happening locally as well as globally.  What events are happening around the globe that is not just localized to our community?  Do we see climate issues? Do we see pollution problems? Do we see issues with our air quality?  Maybe, just maybe, if we see an issue on all of the continents of our planet, then it must be a real issue that we as a whole must address.  These are not issues made up by one individual or one nation but a real everyday observation that is observed and experienced by many cultures and nations.    


It is time for us to make the change. We must think differently and enter into a new awareness just as the young child did. We must move from seeing the issues as that is Margeaux’s problem into the awareness that this is “my issue, our issue, and the planet’s issue”.  If our planet is going to evolve, it up to us. In evolving our planet, we evolve ourselves.  If we do not evolve then the planet will do it on her own. 


Mother Earth has been around for millions of years and has seen cultures come and go. People come and go. She is at a crossroads where the people of the planet should be advanced enough to realize that she is a living conscious being as well.  

She has her own life forms from the electron to the human being. We could not and would not exist physically if it were not for all that has come before us. What can come after we are determined by how we co-create with our great Being Mother Earth.  Mother Earth is special and we are special. We are both special creations that have self-evolved for the greater expression of consciousness.   It is a priceless privilege to exist and more especially to be on a planet so beautiful and advanced as our planet Earth. It is the place where we can exist on multiple levels. 

It is a planet that has multiple life forms with multiple levels of awareness and consciousness.  From the ability of the electron to bind matter to the ability of the 

Soul to consciously participate in the creation, our Earth is a magnificent place to live. and BijaTree Foundation was created to assist Mother Earth and humanity.  Through education, community service, raising consciousness, and taking action, we are doing our small part in the evolution of our planet and humanity.  

Join us by blessing the Earth daily, participating in our various initiatives, or making a donation to support our efforts.  


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